Simple Rangoli- Easy rangoli designs peacock

rangoli designs peacock is a well-known art process. Mars symbols are drawn with easy rangoli designs on various auspicious occasions. Simple rangoli designs are of different shapes. Such as the shape of a circle, the shape of a triangle, the shape of a quadrangle, and the shape of different animals. And the most used are the national bird of India, the peacock, and the rangoli designs of various shapes. Today we will try to make some peacock-shaped rangoli designs. If you see that, you will not appreciate the industry anymore. Today we will learn peacock feathers of different shapes. Those which do not need to be arranged with any symbol will make the mind feel better. Today we will learn some peacock shaped designs made only with colored rice husk brush etc.

    Peacock rangoli designs videos


    Rangoli designs peacock

    1, Doesn't it look like you're standing in front of an oasis? But start now this design is the first thing to do. It should be made like a beautiful golden peacock. The girl's eyes and holidays will be blue. And the peacock looks as if he is looking at me. We will make a straight peacock neck. Once the peacock's neck is ready, we will try to make a peacock's feather. The peacock's feathers will be four steps, first small, then a little bigger, then a little bigger, and then a little bigger. But Begumganj will have no relationship with each other. To make the peacock's face, make small wings 2 inches away. Which should look like flower petals. Jan will be made in two colors red and blue. After making this small pekham, you have to make a slightly larger pekham which will be two inches above the smaller pekham. But there will be no connection with each other. The turn to go to the third step after finishing the second step will be a little bigger than the second step which will be 3 inches away. And it will be made of red, blue, orange, etc. There will be another one on top of it which will be a little bigger in size. It will also have to be made three inches away and will be made of the same color. We can easily understand by looking at the picture. Now let's fill in the blanks with white. Diameter is our extraordinary raangoli. Which is as easy to make as it is beautiful to look at. But why don't you start your Rangoli now?

    Small rangoli designs peacock

    2, Now a butterfly-shaped small rangoli designs peacock will be created. This deterioration would have to be made at the college event but the thing would be much nicer. You can make them at home if you want, but they are better for street and college occasions. Now let's get to know the rules of your making. Let's make a butterfly first. It should be made with white color and now it should be filled with green color in the middle. And make three petals in the middle of the butterfly. Just above the butterfly, a flower is made with white color. And Ashraful is filled with blue. And a vine has been made on top of the flower with white color. And there are some other flowers around it which are blue yellow green orange red etc. It can be made very easily. However, Rangoli will not obey everywhere. Make this rangoli in the right place, then the beauty will come out.

    Peacock kolam design pattern

    3, it is also a peacock-shaped peacock kolam design pattern. Isn't there a beautiful peacock with its wings curled up? A red peacock. It seems that when we go to the zoo, we see a beautiful peacock sitting on its neck. Give Rangoli designs a little time, but it's great to see you in one word. But with a little effort, we will be able to fix Raangoli. But let's see what it takes to give it and how can I give it to you? We all know that to make Akuna, you will need rice husk, water, water, brush, etc. All you need to do to make it is to make a peacock's nest which is facing in the opposite direction. The peacock will be black and the peacock's head will be blue and red. You have to move towards the mother as if something is sitting on top of one. Now, in order to make a palazzo for making peacock feathers, we first have to take some calls in a thin red color. It will go away like a fan. We all know how a peacock sits on something. We will try to make a peacock fan in the same way. The narrow spots should be all red in color and small wings should be made next to the sheik spots which should look like petals which may be blue red and paste in color. Now next to these thin spots we will make some vine-like wrapped spots to be designed next to them. We will make the picture like the picture. If you look at the picture, you will understand how to Make It. Its tea is made of red, blue, black, green, orange, and other colors. Now it's your turn to make It tea for your occasion.

    Peacock rangoli designs with flowers

    4, Here we can see the peacock's rangoli designs with flower, the national bird of India. The process of making this Raangoli is very simple and it looks very beautiful. It has a peacock fan spread in front of it. What a great peacock to see inside your house. Looking at the picture, it seems that I will make it right now. Everyone will appreciate me for looking so beautiful. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT ain't for me either. Now let's see how to make it in It. First, you have to make it look like the peacock's face is looking at me. I mean, a very straight face of the peacock, the national bird of our country, which will keep looking at me. The neck and face of the peacock will be blue and the pair of peacocks will be green. After making the neck, it is time to make the peacock's feathers. Thirteen peacock feathers have been made here. You are the killer. The top is orange and black and the bottom is green. The wings have been shown solely to give a sense of proportion. The wings have been shown solely to give a sense of proportion. The wings have been shown solely to give a sense of proportion. Did you start making peacock-shaped it? Good luck to you.

    Big peacock rangoli designs

    5, looking for a big peacock rangoli designs for the wedding home ceremony. You may be wondering if you are not liking any simple rangoli design or you are not thinking of giving a design yet, but look at this design, you must like it. The wedding house can not be a better design for you. You too are the peacock shaped national bird of India. Asking you to tie the knot as if you were sitting. You can create beautiful things right now. It Tike has been used in the colors of brown-red blue green yellow orange white etc. It is as if a fair of colors has been created in It Tea. Thousands of colorful fish are trying to get you to float. So what is not beautifully decorated with small lamps among you? Now let's see how we can make this it tea. First, you have to make a small peacock with small leaves beside it and an old one with green color on it and some small papri on top of it and some small ones under the peacock. You have to put some big petals on the small water and if you have something written next to it, you can write it, just like you think you have a happy marriage, happy birthday, if you want to write your own name, you can also write it right next to you. You need to create an eye shape in It so fill in the red color around to create a square shape except for what you are creating. Draw three white spots on the three sides of it. Design the vine on the side of this white spot on all three sides. If you look at the picture, you can easily understand what I mean, did you like one of them? But why is it late to make It now.

    Peacock rangoli designs with dots

    6, Looks like a picture floating in front of me that I imagine. No, it's not really that much. Which has been made to look like a very beautiful scene? It doesn't look very good, so I can't believe that we can create such a beautiful scene on the ground inside such a place. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT ain't for me either. And now we'll make it. Don't believe it, so sit down and read now to make your easy rangoli design. There is no problem in telling you what to take. You have some color of your choice but we have used more blue, green, yellow, orange, black, white etc. colors? With this forest, we will now create a beautiful view that will be created on the ground. We have to determine in advance how much space we need to create. Now we will make a beautiful sun that will be white and it will be a bright day. We will try some sunny sky with an orange color and some trees next to it will be green and brown and a view of India. Two national peacocks are sitting on the trunk of a tree. They have two wings. Give a beautiful red flower in the middle of the epom and leaves on three sides. Some more flowers around it. If we look at the picture, we can easily understand that the peacock's wing is made of green and white color, like some white birds in the middle of the green color. A sunny day scene has been created where two peacocks are sitting and playing. Isn't it nice to see Taina but I also make this scene in your house in Its shape? Do you really understand what the defense looks like? It made a very good mind.

    Peacock feather rangoli

    7, small is remarkable to see a peacock feather rangoli. This is salvation for making kheyal pona in a very easy and beautiful way. We can form a team at any time and design it for any occasion like weddings, food, puja, etc. If you have less time on your hands you must try and make it. This is one of the best ways to present your work to people in a short time. Does It have to first take a woman to the chest of the desert to make it look a bit like a swan but it will be a peacock? Now a small beautiful lamp will come under the chicken. It will be green and yellow. Next to it, another big lamp will be your green and yellow. Now you have to draw a beautiful circle in the guise of a peacock. You have to draw another big flower next to it, yellow, red, blue, purple, green, purple and what is the meaning of yellow, black, and red. And the peacock should have purple, green, yellow, black, etc. You can make it with the color of your choice if you want. If you watch the video, you will definitely understand how we can actually make it. This is one of the best ways to make it beautiful. And without delay, you can still create your favorite.


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