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Simple Rangoli designs is used as a good sign. Raangoli is specially designed for various auspicious occasions. Easy Rangoli designs at Diwali can be round, rectangular, triangular in shape. Rangoli is a work of art originating in the Indian subcontinent. Rangoli designs are a popular work of art in the Indian subcontinent. Rangoli designs is given to protect one's house from the evil eye. Different puja-parvanas, e.g.

• Durga Puja,
• Kali Puja,
• Diwali,
• Lakshmi Puja,
• Saraswati Puja.
• or wedding ceremony etc.

Rangoli is given inauspicious occasions. It is one of the traditional objects of the Indian subcontinent. Easy Rangoli designs are given in different parts of our country on houses and doors. Which is considered a good sign.

    simple rangoli designs

    Flower-shaped It is more common. The flower-shaped Rangoli designs are as beautiful to look at as they are easy to make. This simple Rangoli designs enhances the beauty of our event. Ingredients for making Rangoli designs at Diwali,

    • Colored rice-powder
    • Abir
    • Pigments
    • Water Etc. are used.

    Raangoli designs are made by mixing the ingredients together in different shapes... Also protects from the evil eye. That is why Indians. it is provided on their auspicious occasions. Especially the women of the house give Raangoli designs. The ingredients of Raangoli designs are very readily available so that easy Rangoli enhances the attraction and looks very beautiful.

    Rangoli designs

    rangoli designs

    simple rangoli designs


    Raangoli designs at Diwali is a work of art. It takes some time to make. We can say that Diwali is the biggest festival of the Indian subcontinent. We celebrate this festival on the night of Kalipujo. We welcome this festival by lighting lamps and candles all around. And one of the attractions of this festival is that Raangoli Jabi is made in different shapes. However, on the night of Diwali, we worship the auspicious energy by making it and lighting lamps and candles in it. This auspicious energy removes from us the fear of the dark light of the new moon night. Making It at Diwali brings a beautiful touch of joy to the homes of Bengalis. Raangoli and Pradeep bring a touch of joy and infinite glory of good energy in Diwali.

    rangoli kolam

    kolam rangoli

    Easy rangoli designs

    It is used not only for Diwali but also for Lakshmi Puja. It is customary for mother Lakshmi to enter the house of a Bengali through this Easy Rangoli. The sheaf of rice and the footprints of mother Lakshmi are made as to the entrance sign of mother Lakshmi. designs are made at the place of placement of Lakshmi Puja pots which look as beautiful as a lotus flower. Padmaful Lakshmi Mother's seat is as beautiful as the lotus flower. Mother Lakshmi is worshiped by sitting there and making Rangoli. In the puja of Lakshi Mata, It is made in all the houses. It of different shapes is also made in Lakshmi Puja. Raangoli meant by mother Lakshmi is made beautiful. Mother Lakshi prefers beautiful things so beautiful things are used more in mother's worship. It is always used as a good sign. There can be no Raangoli designs in the worship of mother Lakshmi, it cannot be so Lakshmi Pujo, of course, we use it. Learn More.

    rangoli designs at diwali

    easy rangoli design

    Rangoli Photo

    rangoli chandel

    new rangoli design

    new rangoli design

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